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One of the services FIMA Securities offers is portfolio management. In addition to making investment decisions by educated professionals, the goal of this service is to achieve yields that will outdo the yield of classic savings, while respecting the principles of diversification, liquidity and transparency, rational cost management, currency risk management etc. We strive to keep pace with world trends and create new portfolio types and management strategies.

We invest your assets in compliance with the modern portfolio management principles, on the Croatian capital market and/or some of the world markets. We analyze the market trends and evaluate the need for portfolio adjustment based on global and regional macroeconomic impacts on a daily basis. We report regularly to you on the status of the portfolio in accordance with the legal provisions and your individual request.

We particularly emphasize that all the currently available portfolio types the Company offers are related to equity investments that bear risks such as: market risk, liquidity risk, business risk, exchange rate risk, political risk, financial risk, systematic and social risks, etc.

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