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Investment Advisory

The investment advisory service and the individual approach of our licensed investment advisers help you in the proper approach when making investment decisions on the capital market.

In accordance with your preferences and needs, using our knowledge and years of experience on the capital market, we shape a strategy tailored to your requirements. By choosing a strategy and carefully selecting and analyzing securities, we suggest you the investment aimed to achieve your investment goals.

Individual approach, professionalism, experience and systematics are some of the qualities we are proud of and which give us a comparative advantage.

Margin Loans

FIMA Securities provides a margin trading service, in cooperation with Croatia banka and Primorska banka, for trading on domestic and foreign markets.

Margin credit is a purpose loan for the purchase of financial instruments which the bank considers appropriate. The banks determine the limit of the share of each security in the credit user’s portfolio respecting the category in which the share is allocated.

More information about the terms of use of the margin and related fees and the list of eligible securities can be found on the official pages of Croatia banka and Primorska banka.

The buying and selling orders can be placed by the margin credit users by phone or through a special service within the eTrade application.

Corporate Broker

Capital markets around the world see a corporate broker service as standard for a company whose securities are traded on a regulated capital market. Such a comprehensive service on the capital market can only be provided by a multidisciplinary professional team of brokers and investment professionals with the necessary knowledge, experience and the latest information from the capital market.

Thanks to many years of experience and global presence, FIMA Securities is able to provide a professional service in accordance with the guidelines and principles of modern financial practice.

Placing of financial instruments without a firm commitment basis

This service implies technical support to the seller of financial instruments, that is taking care of the documentation, communication and coordination with the competent institutions, allocation of subscribed securities (shares, bonds, commercial bills) and payments to the seller.

FIMA Securities performs the arrangement and implementation of a public offering of securities, with a possibility to adapt the model to the user (e.g. public tendering, book building, etc.)

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